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We are here to help you. Your data recovery sunshine coast specialist. There is nothing worse than breaking your phone, tablet or computer, then realizing, that all your photos that you have taken over the past 2 years were on that device, and now you can not get to them. Or, working on a document for weeks on end, only to lose it all 3 days before you needed it. Or as a student, spending weeks on a presentation, only to have your computer stop working for you. All that saved work, now, locked away, and you can not get to it.

Do you have a old hard drive, that has movies or pictures on it that you have stored from other devices, or made backups of your files from your computer, weather it be your home computers or your business and now you can not get it to work for you.

We can help you

data recovery

Here at Cartridge Emporium, we have the cheapest data recovery on the sunshine coast.Think you have lost all your photo’s off your phone? What about all that music you have downloaded? All your work on one computer or tablet, and now you can’t get to it. We can help! Let the friendly staff at Cartridge Emporium Nambour help you, we could save you a lot of grief. There are always options when it comes to I.T. devices. Don’t worry, don’t freak out. Either come in and see us, or, get in contact with us via email or phone. We can bring the smile back to your dial.


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